UN75: The Future We Want, The UN We Need - report

Date Publish: 
Monday, September 21, 2020

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the UN’s worldwide consultation reveals a strong call for action on inequalities and climate change, as well as more solidarity In January 2020, the United Nations launched a global consultation to mark the 75th anniversary of the United Nations.

Through surveys and dialogues, people from all walks of life were asked about  their hopes and fears for the future,  their priorities for international cooperation and for the United Nations in particular. Since January 2020, over one million respondents from all UN Member States and Observer States have thus far taken part in the consultations, including through representative polling of 50,000 people  in 50 countries. The results are presented in this report.

Priorities for action

  • Across regions, ages and social groups, respondents were broadly united in their priorities for the future.
  • Amid the current COVID-19 crisis, the immediate priority for most respondents is improved access to basic services – healthcare, safe water, sanitation and education, followed by greater international solidarity and increased support to those hardest hit. This includes tackling inequalities and rebuilding a more inclusive economy.
  • Looking to the future, the overwhelming concerns are the climate crisis and the destruction of our natural environment. Other priorities include: ensuring greater respect for human rights, settling conflicts, tackling poverty and reducing corruption.

Perceptions of the UN

  • Over 87% of respondents believe global cooperation is vital to deal with today’s challenges, and that the pandemic has made international cooperation more urgent.
  • Seventy-five years after its founding, six in 10 respondents believe the UN has made the world a better place. Looking to the future, 74% see the UN as “essential” in tackling the challenges.
  • However, respondents want the UN to change and innovate: to be more inclusive of the diversity of actors in the 21st century, and to become more transparent, accountable and effective. 
  • https://www.un.org/sites/un2.un.org/files/un75report_september_final_eng...