The purpose of IOM Country Office in Croatia is to provide timely and reliable services for persons who require migration assistance, in close cooperation with the government and other stakeholders, while preserving the dignity and rights of the migrating populations.

On 27 May 1992 Croatia became IOM observer at the request of the former Croatian Vice Prime Minister Mate Granić and an IOM Team was deployed to Zagreb. A year later, on 23 November 1993 Croatia became IOM  Member State. Since then, IOM Country Office in Croatia actively contributed to the government’s migration management efforts and alignment with EU standards, in close cooperation with national counterparts, by providing a gap analysis between national migration laws and the EC acquis.

IOM also provided a comprehensive series of trainings to government officials in counter-trafficking and counter-smuggling, equipping and training mobile border units and promoting cross-border cooperation. IOM training focused on sensitizing government bodies to labour migration issues and addressing the essential health care needs of Croatian migrants.

Since the start of the migration crisis in Croatia in September 2015 IOM Country Office in Croatia mobilized its resources and deployed members of its Team to work in the field providing necessary assistance and protection to migrants and refugees arriving to and transiting through Croatia in collaboration with the government and other stakeholders.

The IOM Country Office in Croatia falls under the purview of the IOM Regional Office for the European Economic Area, the European Union and NATO in Brussels, Belgium.

Its activities are grouped around 4 main pillars:

  • Migration policy and research
  • Migration emergency response
  • Information sharing on migration issues
  • Migration health

On 5 December 2015 IOM Croatia was awarded a 'Scroll of Thanks' for 'humanity shown and selfless working engagement in relation to the arrival and temporary reception of migrants in the Republic of Croatia' by the former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, Mr. Ranko OSTOJIC, in his capacity of the Chairman of the Migrant Influx Activities Coordination Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia.


Ivan Piteša, Head of Office

Martina Skarić, AVRR Counsellor

Martina Car, Mobility and Development Focal Point

Denis Novosel, Project Coordinator

Igor Aničić, Communications and Media

Suzana Dujmović, Human Resources

Dijana Kocijan, AVRR Counsellor

Daniel Frolich, Finance

Karim Gulzar, Procurement & Support


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