Meeting with stakeholders of the TSI project in the city of Split

IOM project team conducted a meeting with the Mayor of Split, Mr. Ivica Puljak and Deputy Mayor of Split and Mr. Antonio Kuzmanić.

10 March 2023, Split — IOM project team conducted a meeting with the Mayor of Split, Mr. Ivica Puljak, Deputy Mayor of Split, Mr. Antonio Kuzmanić, and Head of Office of the Government Administration of Split, Ms. Marina Protić. The meeting was held within the framework of activities related to "Technical Support for the Integration of Third Country Nationals in Croatia"(TSI). 
The main topic was the integration of third-country nationals in Croatia, that include broader spectrum of migrants coming to Croatia and specifically to City of Split due to different economic, education, political and/or family reasons. The Mayor of Split, Mr. Puljak expressed interest for the topic and assured the contact point for the project. It was recommended to provide a greater engagement of Splitsko-dalmatinska county within the project. 

Apart from the Local Government authority, IOM team met with the president of the Digital Nomad Association (DNA), Mr. Jan de Jong, and Co-funder of DNA, Ms. Tanja Polegubić.  Digital nomadism is getting a major force for good, especially in Dalmatia and Istra regions, and the project aims to take steps to recommend better and simplified residence requirements and integration incentives, recognizing that digital nomads can provide a much-needed boost to local economies. 

The IOM team then reached NGO “MI” Split that works effectively from 1997, and currently assists almost 700 Ukrainian refugees in cooperation with their teams in other Croatian cities: Osijek, Pula, Zadar, Šibenik. The Director, Ms. Nives Ivelja, Project Officer, Mrs. Tijana Tešija Nikolašević, and Member of NGO, Mr. Slobodan Škopelja, presented their informative integration portal The mutual cooperation on TSI project has been agreed and further activities in establishing coordinative mechanisms for the integration of TCNs’ at regional and local level.