Meeting with national stakeholders within the TSI project in Zagreb, 24 May 2023

A meeting with the restricted working group (RWG) took place on 24 May 2023 in Zagreb. RWG is composed of national state representatives that cover key fields and sectors that have direct implications on the integration process of third country nationals (TCNS’) in Croatia. Also, integration of TCNs’ will have a great impact on their sectors in the future, such as: labor market, education, health, economy, demography, digital solutions, NGO’s scene, integration of beneficiaries of international protection (BIP’s), including Croatian diaspora, entrepreneurship, and tourism. 

Apart from discussing the project activities, the representatives exchanged their opinions on the current and future challenges in their field that could arise, and how their strategic plans are complementary with the project activities. A new concept of integration for TCN’s was discussed giving the fact that Croatia is facing a considerable number of labor migrants, and that integration  was  primarily looked for refugees, BIP’s and asylum seekers, and now should take a new approach which would consider labor migrants and others.

It was agreed that in upcoming weeks, RWG will decide about the study visit which would take place in two EU member states with the established one stop shops (OSS), proposed by IOM.