Training of Police Officers of the Republic of Croatia in the Field of Trafficking of Persons and Smuggling of Migrants

The project is funded by the British Embassy in Zagreb throgh the Global Opportunities Fund with the total budget of GBP 100,000.

The project was implemented from 01 April 2006 – 31 March 2007.

Trafficking and smuggling of persons exists on a considerable scale in South East Europe and is spurring the growth of a vast illegal market involving fraudulent travel documents, clandestine border crossings, fake jobs brokering and other criminal activities. Available data show that such phenomena create serious problems for governments. Croatia itself has gone through a prolonged transition period conducive to trafficking and smuggling and is recognized not only as a country of transit, but also of destination and origin.

Moreover, little training was provided in the past to 'front line' officers, thereby resulting in trafficked victims being treated as illegal migrants to whom were applied not only inappropriate but aslo harmful administrative and judicial procedures. Additionally, failure to correctly screen trafficked persons resulted in the loss of crucial incriminating information such as traffickers' identity and schemes.

The purpose of the project was to strengthen the capacity of Croatian law enforcement officials to address trafficking of persons and smuggling of migrants while fostering new synergies in the management of the EU's external borders. The project adopted best EU standards and practices and contributed to the aims of the European Agency for Operational Cooperation at the External Borders. At the end of the project, and in order to ensure sustainability, the curriculum developed was incorporated into the regular national educational programs delivered by the MoI’s Police Academy and Police College.


British Embassy in Zagreb