Capacity Building on HIV/AIDS and Croatian Migrant Workers

This project worth 30,971.00 USD was funded by Croatian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and implemented by the International Organization in close cooperation with the School for Public Health Andrija Stamper and Croatian Institute for Occupational Health.

The purpose of the project was to continue to increase the capacity of Croatian institutions to prevent the spread of HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) amongst Croatian migrant workers through training and awareness raising. This programme built on the experience started under the three years of The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFTAM) programme named „Research and Capacity Building on HIV/AIDS and Croatian Migrant Workers“ (2003-2006). The target groups were seafarers, construction workers and truck drivers.

The main objective of the programmer was to maintain low prevalence of HIV amongst Croatian migrant workers. The programmer consisted of three core components:

1) further training of HIV and AIDS counsellors, the core group of occupational health professionals who can transfer counselling knowledge and advocate for prevention amongst  their colleagues as well to promote HIV prevention and counselling manual in occupational health

2) training of representatives of trade unions, mainly health and safety advisors and seafarers to become peer educators and to implement HIV prevention activities at the workplace.

3) awareness rising through the projections of educational film “10 minutes for HIV“, delivery of lectures, provision of individual and group HIV and AIDS counselling to migrant workers prior to their going abroad and  distribution of health education materials and prevention commodities including condoms, to provide facts on preventive behaviours for those preparing for international migration.

The project lasted from 01 December 2006- 31 December 2007.


Ministry of Health and Social Welfare